tumblr + desktop

Aug 02

Is this thing on…?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve come back to this project, but every once in a while I get a few emails asking for an update, fixes or new features. I’d be happy to spend some time updating the app and fixing any major issues (if people still want to use it).

Please LIKE this post if you’re still interested in Tumblweed so I can get an idea of what’s going on.

Sep 07

Issues + Development

Hi All!  I’ve received a lot of question about the blank Dashboard screen.  It seems that Tumblr’s dashboard API has some issues still and won’t load when the site is under heavy load.  You can still load your individual blogs though.  Sorry about the inconvenience.

As for new features… everyone’s feedback and suggestions have been great.  Towards the end of Sept and early Oct. I will be doing some more work.  If you have any ideas please send them my way!


Feb 22

Update: Notifications, larger images, queues, formatting…

Another update to tumblweed!

- Better line break formatting
- You can now add items to your queue
- Dashboard automatically refreshes every 200s (I will keep working on this feature)
- When new posts are found when refreshing your dasboard, you will get a small Growl-like notification. (I need to add a settings panel to turn this off)
- Window location and size now gets saved
- Tumblweed now loads the 50 most recent posts for a dashboard.
- The dashboard view now uses the 100px width photo image which isn’t cropped rather than the 75px cropped image

A little note about linebreaks and formatting. Tumblr is a little finicky with its line breaks and parsing. So, if you are having major issues with linebreaks, please let me know. Also, the formatting on your actual tumblelog can vary depending on the way your theme is setup.

- Screensaver features that shows your dashboard’s most recent photos and quotes (this will be great!)
- Improvements to the dashboard view
- A settings panel to get more customization
- liking/unliking posts
… and even more stuff! Feel free to send me any ideas.